Alien Whoop V2.1 F4 Brushed Flight Controller

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Want the quality of Alien Whoop with F4 Betaflight? This is the board for you! Built by my pal Charlie Stevenson and Team Alien Whoop, this board and the Alien Whoop ZER0 are the only Tiny Whoop flight controllers out there that are NOT made with all the cheapest possible components to make the largest possible profit. You'll feel the difference in terms of power to your motors, accuracy in acro-mode flight, and consistency between individual units. This is the best in class flight controller running BetaFlight 3.4.

Need a receiver? check out the FrSky Ultra Light CM Receiver!

Be sure to check out all the info on this page - there are tons of amazing features on this board! Also be sure to have a glance at the (super-comprehensive) Alien Whoop build video below!

Best Receiver: FrSky Ultra Light XM Receiver

Best Motors: Awesome Sauce

Best Frame: Cockroach

Best Camera: FXT 900 Camera

  • Top performing ARM processor:
    • High-performance ST Microelectronics ARM Cortex-M4 core F4 168 MHz CPU (safely overclocked to 216MHz)
  • Top performing motion processor:
    • Invensense MPU-6500 Six-Axis (Gyro + Accelerometer) low power consumption MEMS MotionTracking™ Device
  • Latest BetaFlight firmware running the ALIENWHOOPF4 target
  • Butterflight firmware supported (iNav under final testing)
  • Overkill power MOSFETs capable of extreme brushed motor insanity (6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 8.5mm, and 10mm coreless scream)
  • Multiple UARTs for receivers and other devices (e.g. LED strip, beeper)
  • Dedicated UART with inverter for FrSky and Futaba SBUS
  • UART pads on top conveniently located for SmartAudio VTX control
  • Blackbox logging via onboard dataflash chip
  • Note: pilots must supply external receiver. If you're FrSky, try the Ultralight XM  Receiver.   Officially supporting FrSky XM, XM+, R-XSR (SBUS,F.PORT), LemonRX DSM2 and DSMX (SBUS), and FlySky FS-A8S (iBUS) satellites.
    • 0.8mm 2oz Copper ENIG (gold) finish purple PCBs.




    • Quick reference diagrams of board layout and functionality
    • Pre-build suggestions and Pro-Tips
      • Plan your build
      • Know in advance which pads you need before you solder
    • Basic build guide for the novice and pro alike
    • Firmware and settings
      • Note: It's important to try the stock settings, especially the PIDs and filters. They have been carefully selected to meet the challenge of optimizing whoop flight. Deviating from the suggested settings can cause unexpected flight behavior or fly-aways.

    Motor and Propeller Mounting Diagram: