10-LED RGB Addressable Led Strip

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 We bring you our NEW RGB addressable LEDs! 

Each LED strip now has 10 LEDs on it and they only weigh .46 grams each. We raised the number of LEDs to make the strip fit perfectly around one duct! 

These led strips are hand-made by my friend Knuth, a Tiny Whoop pilot in Estonia! That means that each led is placed on the strip by hand. It's very difficult, tedious work, but it was needed to make the perfect ultra-light betaflight LED strip for Tiny Whoop ducts!

Very easy to install 5v max and they come with a peel-off sticky back to hold them in place as you glue them.

Check out our selection of compatible FC's that use Betaflight:

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V2 Crazybee F4 1-3S Brushless FC, RX, and ESC combo.


  • 10x SUPER bright WS2812 LEDs per strip
  • Fully customizable in Betaflight
  • Super tiny - only 30 mm x 3 mm
  • Lightweight - only 0.46g each
  • pre applied adhesive backing
  • power efficient - less than maximum current 200mA
  • 5V power (can work down to 2.5v but recommended to work at 5V) 
  • 3 wires pre fitted