Teensy Playdoh Tub or yo Kiddo!

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Picture this - 

You get caught walking in with, yes, ANOTHER package of Whoop parts from TinyWhoop.com. You're busted. 

"But hunny, I really wanted to get this very tiny tub of playdoh for our child! Playdoh can enrich our child's brain and encourage artistic expression, along with fascinatingly important tactile development, teaching fine motor skills and sensory stimulation. Our child might even use this medium to express his/her emotions and become a better communicator. Some say playdoh has a calming effect, helping alleviate stress and anxiety, providing a peaceful activity for our offspring to unwind and relax. There's amazing educational value! Playing with the playdoh could also be a critically important bonding activity for me and our beloved child! This could launch our child into a career of stem learning, regarding both playdoh sculpting and maybe drones too! Overall this will be a very important and inexpensive form of entertainment for our sweet baby!"

I got yo back, tw fam!