TDOG 180° BT2.0 pigtail

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Hand-Soldered by Tiny Whoop Champion T-DOG!

REMEMBER: Polarity Matters! Always make sure you have the positive and negative wires correctly connected! If you have any doubt about which wire is positive and which is negative, check out the image below! Don't forget: ROUND IS GROUND

This is yet another option for ultralight BT2.0 Pigtail, soldered together right here at Tiny Whoop Headquarters in Loveland Colorado by world-famous Tiny Whoop Champion Tristan Tefft, aka TDOG!

Tristan has been flying his own custom pigtails for years. They're reliable, and save enough weight to get the attention of competitive racing pilots. 

Pigtail weight depends on wire length, but comparing exactly equal wire lengths (50mm).

 - the current standard BT2.0 pigtail by BetaFPV weighs 0.9268g

 - the BetaFPV Bt2.0 "U-Cable" (180°) weighs 1.0306g

 - TDOG 180° Pigtail weighs 0.8944g


1x Pigtail


In the case of the Blue and Purple wire pigtail, purple is positive, blue is negative. In any pigtail with a black wire, black is the negative/ground. If you have any questions, reach out and we will help!