FX805-OSD-TW Low Profile Camera Combo with Free Camera Mount

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The new FX805OSD-TW is everything that the original FX805 was and more! Available in both RHCP(Right Hand Center Polarized) and LHCP(Left Hand Center Polarized)! Now with the OSD(On Screen Display) you can now see your video frequency, timer, battery voltage, and you can program a 10 character callsign so when you have that super famous Tiny Whoop flight, the world will know it was you!!  (Tiny Whoop does not guarantee a world famous flight) 


Unlike all other 805-OSD cameras on the market, this combo is modified to have a detached video transmitter, allowing for a lower profile and the use of all the bling Tiny Whoop canopies.

Our favorite thing about this camera is that there is less guessing as to how much flight time you have as the voltage indicator tells you where the battery is at!

This Camera comes with a 10 degree mount but we also have a 20 and 30 degree mount for purchase so you can fly your favorite angle.     

These cameras and mounts work with both the Stingray Canopies and the Razor Skin Canopies.

This VTX transmits on 37 channels, and cannot transmit on e4, e7 or e8, as they are illegal.

So grab an FX805OSD and get your whoop on!


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