FPV Wrist Watch

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The Virhuck FPV wrist watch is an awesome extra screen! As someone that travels to FPV events it's awesome to have a receiver, antenna and screen right on my wrist! For Tiny Whoop, I use this super-portable screen to show everyone that I can what my view looks like while i'm zipping around their heads. It's also a great date screen. 
     The build-in receiver is 32 channel, capable of receiving bands A, B, E and F, and has a 3dBi fold-out built-in antenna that has awesome range. Cody here in the shop is still raving about it. Even though the screen is just a 2" LCD screen it's very crisp and clear. The internal 300mah battery lasts about an hour if you leave it on constantly, and takes around an hour to fully charge. 

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