FX806TC Camera and VTX

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These super small FX806TC detached combos are extremely light weighing in at 4 grams without removing any extra wire length or connectors to solder. This new design will allow you to place your camera in places you never could before.

This camera and VTX combo is great for adding to a FPV car. This VTX comes with a heat sink to help dissipate heat with minimal airflow. You can still use this on drones but its a bit heavier than other camera/VTX combos.


  1. Super small and lightweight
  2. Detachable camera vtx design
  3.  Power by 1S lipo battery
  4. With dipole whip antenna
  5. Power off memory function: restart as the very last channel kept before power off
  6. Button control instead of switch
  7. Easy to install, plug and play


  • Model Number-V60T
  • Power supply 3.7-5V
  • Current consumption 60mA
  • Resolution 600TVL
  • FOV 120 degree
  • Video format NTSC
  • Mini illumination 1.0 lux
  • Dimension 14x14mm
  • Weight 2g


  • Model number FX806T
  • Power supply 2.5-5V
  • 150mA@3.7V,110mA@5V
  • Working frequency 5.8GHz
  • Output power 25mW
  • Channel 37 channels with Raceband
  • Video band width 6.0MHz
  • Antenna dipole whip antenna or other antenna
  • Dimension 19x14mm

How to change channels

First red LED for channel,other 5 blue LEDs for frequency band

  1. Single press channel/band button to change channel,channel LED always keeps red for 1st channel of any band,for other channels,channel LED OFF.
  2. Press and hold button for 2 seconds to change frequency band.