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Introducing the Tiny Whoop Tiny Goggles!

    Finally an affordable way to get into FPV flying! Tiny Goggles are perfect if you're just getting into FPV flight and don't want to pay 300-500 bucks on premium goggles. They also work great as a passenger/date pair of goggles. The screen is very crisp and clear. They're considerably smaller than most head-mounted displays for portability, and use an internal battery chargeable by micro-usb cable to keep things nice and simple - no need to buy special batteries or chargers for goggles batteries. 

    These goggles have a RP-SMA connector, so we've made a bundle with the TBS Triumph, my favorite receiver antenna, with the correct (RP-SMA) connector. 

    I've also included extra cut foam so you can double up - eliminating any light leak. I personally installed both the extra foam pieces and it blocked 100% of all outside light. 


Weight: 164.7g
Display: 3 inches
Resolution: 500*300 pixels, 16:9
Antenna Connector: RP-SMA
Build in Battery: 500mAh 3.7V
Working Time: 1h

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