Tiny Whoop Pinch Premium FPV Camera - Ultra Wide FOV - FAT PINCH

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***all pinch cams are now wired to fit anything a runcamnano3 can fit! Just plug and play :) Please be aware, these will not fit in a Pound Mount.

The Fat Pinch, aka the Pinch Ultra-wide edition, is the newest member to the Tiny Whoop Pinch family, and features several unique features. Most noteably, it has a very very wide FOV. Please read the whole description of this product!

Here is a review from Heads:

I also have these photos for ya:

The Fat Pinch, aka the ultra-wide pinch, uses the same beautiful lens as the original pinch but features a larger sensor, which has a couple benefits. First, there is a much wider feild of view, which not only lets you see more around your aircraft but makes you feel a lot smaller. Secondly, the larger sensor does a slightly better job of picking up colors in darker areas. In the picture above, the lighting is very very low, but you can make out more color in the ceiling reflection. You will also notice some blackness in the corners of your FOV and maybe some vignetting. This is normal and one of the drawbacks to having a very very wide FOV. 

This camera weighs around 1.9g, about 0.4g heavier than the original Pinch.

This camera was build right here, in house, at Tiny Whoop HQ by assambling parts from different manufacturers. 

It was invented by old-school Tiny Whoop Pilot Launie Mack Wade, aka Pickle Rick, aka Solenya. He began comparing different lenses and sensors, and found that this particular combination had huge benefits! Launie was kind enough to let me know about this breakthrough, and after i ordered tons of parts, he came to Colorado to help me build all 300 of this special batch by hand! Over the course of two days we assembled and hand focussed each camera. Launie, I'm as proud to be your friend as i am of our accomplishment!

The Pinch cam is now available with or without the infrared filter! This means if you're looking to fly with an Infrared headlight or in very low light the Pinch without an Infrared filter may give you slightly better lighting. If you're flying in normal lighting, the pinch With the IR filter is standard.

the stats:

- Tiny and ultralight performance camera!
- Awesome colors and contrast, even better than the original pinch due to a larger sensor
- Ultrawide FOV, wider than any other micro camera we've ever seen
- Input Voltage 3.5V-5V
- 100% satisfaction guaranty! Just like pretty much everything around here.



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