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Introducing the Tiny Whoop Pinch

with Smart Audio!!

If you're looking for the version of the Pinch without Smart Audio, Click here!

The Pinch (aka FX965TW) is the latest result of a long partnership between Tiny Whoop and FXT. It features a smaller-than-ever camera, which produces a considerably higher level of detail and more true-to-life colors. The VTX transmits on 37 channels with either 25mW or 200mW of output power. Between the camera combo and the mount we've made a lot of improvements, so please read on!!!

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But first the specs:

- 11mm x 11mm teensy 600tvl camera
- Lowest profile in the biz baby!
- Awesome colors and contrast (see videos below)
- 115° FOV Lens installed
- Input Voltage 3.5V-5V
- Shout out to my Dad right in the middle of the specs!
- Switchable 25mW/200mW VTX with 37 channels
- Available with Dipole, RHCP or LHCP antenna installed
- Yeah, with just a couple connections it's SA-ready!
- Comes with a custom TW microfiber lens cleaner!
- 100% satisfaction guaranty! Just like pretty much everything around here.

Click here to check out the User Manual!

OK, now let me dish for a sec.

First of all, I want to show you guys how dramatically this camera can reduce your profile height. This camera will come installed on a camera mount meant to fit any of the standard TW size canopies, like the Stingray or Razorskin canopies, but it will also come with a second mount that is much lower. Here's the Pinch beside the FX950TW.

Using the optional lower camera mount, you can see there are some excellent lower canopy opportunities! We're working on it. If you want advice on switching your camera mount, check out some info down near the bottom.

 Most of all that lower height comes from the much smaller PCB on the camera, but the ingenious camera mount designed by Team Pilot Wes Burson (BluJ) also allows the bottom of the camera PCB to poke out the bottom of the mount on the low version. But yeah, the camera is also way smaller.

(Click that link and give BluJ FPV a Sub!


But I was much more concerned with the image quality of the camera than the size and weight. I've got a lot to say about the image quality, but first, this baby is...

Smart Audio Ready.

As you'll see below, this setup has outstanding clarity and detail. I knew immediatly it was important to have a version of this setup that was smart audio ready, and could work with any other equipment. This meant a new format for selling a camera. Initially I thought it would never fly - I mean it looks like a little spaghetti monster.


This was one of the early drawings I did to help communicate with my pals at FXT and also to ask my friends what they think of buying a camera with so many lose wires coming out all over the place. The response I got from the TW fam was that this was an awesome option to add smart audio to any existing flight controller without having to solder wire extensions to the camera or vtx pcb. 


 And this is how she came out! I know it's a lot of wires, but trust me, this makes life so much easier when installing a SA camera! If you've ever modified a TW camera to work with a SA flight controller, you know what I'm talking about. When you're soldering this small, lets make it as absolutely easy as possible.


Early Side-By-Side tests with the FX965TW and the FX950TW

Here are the side-by-side tests I initially did, on a day when TWHQ was the messiest it has ever been. The new camera at the time was nicknamed New Juan after a friend of mine.

I wanted to use the exact same DVR, VTX and VRX for these tests, so they're two separate videos where I try to do roughly the same thing in each video. 


 The first thing I noticed was the sharpness. Then the colors. Reds are actually red, blues are bluer, pinks are pinker! The contrast is obviously higher on the Pinch (left), but there is also more structure and details between the tiny lights on the trees. Throughout Tiny Whoop HQ the colors are much more true-to-life At the very end of this video you see I tried to line up the faster light changes. The new camera takes a split second longer to adjust to suddenly high or low light, which I see as a negative but it seldom comes up (even at TWHQ) and someone also pointed out that the slower adjustment was also slightly more true to life. I decided to test it again.

This second video tests the lens distortion (by spinning around and watching how things change shape), then sudden light changes (the first test made me concerned about it), then finally how the camera handles fast motion with high lighting contrast, because in my experience sometimes cameras that have such beautiful colors can blur more in high brightness contrast during fast flight. You'll see I slow it way down to compare motion blur inside the Lady Luck, our in-house bar here at TWHQ.

Pinch on the left, FX9650TW on the right.

Comparing the distortion in the opening shot I find the two lenses almost identical. Then in my second test for sudden light changes I realized that if i'm not literally flipping a switch the adjustment time was really no problem. I wish it could be as fast as the 950, but I ultimately decided the sacrafice to be negligible. Finally I feel like this new camera passes the motion blur test with flying colors, showing as much if not more detail and contrast throughout the fast motion.

But I still wasn't convinved. Side to side motion is different than fast forward motion. Again, Pinch is on the left and FX950TW on the right.

 Once again the new camera shows tons more detail and handles the blur much better! Watch the metal rack on the left in the hallway. That detail at speed is going to be huge for those that tree-weave at speed.

  I sent one to the fastest Tiny Whoop pilot in the world, Team Tiny Whoop pilot Rab_FPV. He was able to finagle a mount (which was still in development) and fly some very, very serious laps on his home course. I cannot believe that a human mind is capable of this kind of flight:

  CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT FLYING??? Please consider subscribing to his youtube channel! Today he has 219 Subs. 

 The FX950TW will go down in history as the tiny camera with the widest dynamic range ever. It has the ability to pull details out of very low light and very high light situations. We still have a few available, and i'll always keep myself a stash of this camera. But the FX965 camera is just sharper, and I love the colors being so true-to-life. Especially for places like Tiny Whoop HQ with our LED course and artwork, it's a big improvement. When you have the ability to see this clearly, keeping your lens clean becomes a priority. That's why you're gonna also score a free

Custom Microfiber Lens Cleaner


The lens is your eyes! Keep it crystal clean! I always give my lens the ol' lick n' wipe before every important flight. Shout out to Say Andrea for making these awesome custom cloths!

They're tiny, like 5cm.

Some advice on changing your camera mount-

The camera mount is an awesome weight-saving innovation but takes a little finesse in the current version. I'm tossing in extras. 

 You'll notice that underwear the camera will sit there is a little knotch. That's to make the few layers of ABS act a liiiiittle bit like a hinge. 


 Make sure the camera wires are on top, then use your fingers to hinge the wings open just enough to pop the camera in. 

Adjust the little arms so they're holding the threading section of the lens.   

Then check to make sure the PCB of the camera is roughly paralel to the angle of the lens mount. If you have any trouble with this or feel like you can't get it to work, shoot me an email at orders@tinywhoop.com. 

 One more huge shout-out to myman Sir KittyMcMittens for all the help with the box art - it came out gojus!! Thank you homes!

 Click here to check out the User Manual!



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