65mm Clear Plastic Frame with 7mm motor mounts - V4

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      This is an my favorite frame for  7mm-motor Tiny Whoop builds! Made specifically for 7x16mm motors like Boss Sauce, Nos Sauce, and Bald Eagle Sauce Motors. This frame is very durable and lightweight only 3.503g.  Made to fit the standard battery size and the standard TW flight controller form-factor, this is my go-to frame for 7mm builds. 
     This is actually the 4th version of this frame, and there have been some considerable improvements. The biggest difference from the V3 to the V4 is the battery is moved back up against the FC, on the previous frame it was hanging down really low making it awkward to fly. The ducts are now thicker then the v3 was, but the best improvement is the duct supports going around the frame like the Inductrix pro frame did (but that frame isn't nearly as strong as these) it helps not only with keeping the frame rigid but it also keeps the frame from squishing in on itself, keeps the props more protected than the previous 65s frame and so far in our experience the V4 has been the most durable yet! This version also has pegs to hold all Tiny Whoop Canopies!


*this frame will not fit 7x20mm motors.

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