Coral Blue 6mm Cockroach Frame

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  • $6.99

This new Tiny Whoop custom Coral Blue 6mm Cockroach Frame from Glitch FPV is an awesome frame for your next 6mm build. 

Aptly named for its COCKROACH indestructibility, this frame is lightweight and can take a serious beating!  Seriously we tried to break a couple and it didn't go well for us!

The color variants in the drop-down menu are for dyed frames. Dyed frames are a tiny bit lighter than painted cockroach frames, but are known in the community to be more brittle than an un-dyed frame, like any clear or painted cockroach

This frame doesn't quite fit the carbon fiber stiffener brace we also sell. luckily there is no need for it.

At a great price point, who wouldn't want to have this as their backup frame or next Tiny Whoop platform!

Weight: 3.39g    With Packaging: 22.6g