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It's Finally Here!!!

Introducing the RaGG-e Whoop an HDPE plastic frame! This frame is extremely durable and robust to withstand the punishment of fpv racing in a domestic environment, rather than snapping the frame will bend but is easily formed back into operational shape for a quick return into the air. If I pulled on this frame as hard as I could I might be able to break it, but I seriously cannot imagine any Tiny Whoop crash causing any break. It is milled out of a single piece of HDPE, making it very light.

The version we sell here at tinywhoop.com is a custom, lighter version of the RaGG-E Whoop frame. We worked with Thomas Ashley to develop this lighter version that holds the motors (and props) slightly lower, so no propwash slips over the top of the ducts, as in other versions. 

Able to accommodate most fc boards 26mm x26mm hole spacing, 6mm brushed motors and common fpv cam/Vtx units with many existing cam mounts retro fitting the frame.

These kits will also include all hardware, motor mounts, canopy adapters and battery holder, which i think nobody else is doing except Drone Junkie in the UK...

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