weBLEEDfpv LED Gates

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Finally, retail LED gates, ladies and gentlemen! 

*NOTE - you'll need a power supply for these gates - see below*


        Available in singles or groups of 3, these gates were brought to the market by our pal Jeff Grabowski form Salt City Racing. They're definitely some quality gates, with tough fabric and resilient LEDs that can handle being folded and unfolded tons of times! In addition, each gate comes with a LED controller with two buttons which change between lots of patterns and colors. The addressable LEDs play animating patterns that can be as conspicuous as you want. 

Each gate comes with velcro stickers for mounting, a battery pouch, and a LED controller capable of 41 color lighting options. If you buy the 3-pack you'll get a carrying pouch for your gates as well.

The power input for these gates is NOT INCLUDED - so you'll need a 3s lipo with XT30 connector or a 12v power supply with XT30 connector. For those of you that already have a 12v power supply, we're including an extra female xt30 connector that you can solder on to any existing 12v power supply so you don't have to buy a special connector or supply. It will be already attached to the LED controller.

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