Tiny Whoop LEDS

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After a lot of trial and error I have found a way to replace LEDs on the Tiny Whoop! 

If you're using the stock boards for the Tiny Whoop, these are fairly easy replacements but do require some very fine soldering. Check out this instructional video! 

Lots of colors to chose from, and all are different levels of brighness but all are very visable. Green seems to be thr brightest, ultraviolet seems to be the most dim, but might look excellent with some glow-in-the-dark plastidip or paint. Prices here are for two LEDs pre-soldered to a hair-thin wire that's longer than you'll ever need. Am I sold out of your favorite color? Hop over to Ebay and search "Pre-soldered 1206 LED" and you'll find plenty for cheap! If you're really into tricking out your Whoop head to ebay and buy a bulk! Not trying to make money on this product, I just wanna see some beautiful Whoops in the world!!

Now the Warning - 

These leds cannot be soldered to the main power, and must replace current LEDs on flight controllers, like the white and red on the bottom of the stock flight controllers. Check out the video above to learn how to set them up!

Replacing electronic components on the board is advanced customization. One or two of the members of our fine community that try this may bridge important components with solder and possibly harm the flight controller or receiver. If you decide to dive in to your board and change LEDs you do so at your own risk! But i'm happy to help anyone.