Bombproof Acro Tiny Tank (BATT) by team pilot Josh Evans

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Introducing the Bombproof Acro Tiny Tank (BATT)
by Tiny Whoop team pilot Josh Evans!
    If you ask me, Josh Evans may indeed be the best Tiny Whoop acro pilot in the world. His "Single Serving" video series has proved to thousands of people around the world how much fun Tiny Whoop acro flight can be. This is very small batch of his ideal Tiny Whoop.
     Each BATT  whoop is hand built by Josh to the exact specifications of his personal aircraft. The build itself has been honed over the course of hundreds of flights to provide the ultimate in 6mm acro performance and survivability. In addition to the best components, nearly every major failure point of the Tiny Whoop has been reinforced or modded to harden it against the rigors of acro flying (list of modifications and flight footage below).


    Here's Josh's full description including instructions to make your own!


Modified Beebrain V2 Flight Controller/Receiver

FX900TW Dipole FPV Camera Combo with 10° mount

Awesome Sauce Motors (6 additional motors included)

White Batmech Canopy

PW (jst2.0) Battery Pigtail

Lime green 4-blade props

Modified Cockroach Frame

Also includes two Tiny Whoop 205mah HV batteries, and the six extra Awesome Sauce motors.



Reinforced battery tray - Strengthening what may be the weakest part of the Cockroach Frame

Reinforced camera lens assembly - Camera optics are much more durable.

Secured camera and vtx mounting - FPV gear will not dislodge during crashes.

Conformal coating of all major electronics - waterproof, incapable of bridging with other components during major crashes.

Motor retention stickers - Keep motors from ever slipping and hold motor wires in place.

Secured flight controller mounting

Each batt build also comes with Josh's tune and rates preloaded to rate profile 2




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