Inductrix FPV PLUS BNF with new free 10 degree camera mount!!!

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The Inductrix FPV Plus is the next thing from Blade for micro FPV drones. Building on the success of Tiny Whoop, this 8mm motor version comes with a changeable LED on the back making it possible to choose your racing color and keep you competition aware of who just passed them. When you crash upside down the new MEOW mode button allows you to flip yourself over and get back in the action! 

 We have already engineered a lighter camera mount that holds the new FPV Plus camera. We include a 10-degree mount with the Inductrix FPV Plus for free, but you can purchase all 3 camera mount angles(10°, 20°, 30°) here!  These mounts save right around 1.5 grams by losing the large heavy plastic canopy! AND we are happy to say that the stingray canopy fits over the camera in the new mount with the antenna bent over although we recommend poking a hole in the canopy top for the antenna to go through for best reception! Check out the FPV Plus camera mount product here for more info!  

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