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You know as well as I do how much attention a Tiny Whoop can draw. Tons of people want to learn about how to experience the gift of flight! I see nothing wrong with that!  Nevertheless there are times when I want to whoop without drawing any attention. There are times I wish I were a silent and invisible explorer with all the freedom of a Tiny Whoop Racer with Awesome Sauce Motors.

Introducing the Ninja Whoop! This is the Tiny Whoop Racer with Awesome Sauce motors built (Here at TWHQ) with handpainted props, canopy and frame. On my personal Ninja Whoops I remove all the lights on the aircraft by simply snipping them in half, as I did in this quick video. With lights removed a Ninja Whoop is difficult to notice from below at a even a modest altitude. With this setup I've had tons of unbelievable flights around the world that were never noticed by anyone.

If you want me to remove lights from bottom of the board, or the bottom and top of the board and a specific channel on your vtx, just let me know in the notes section at check out. Please be specific about which or all lights you want removed. Keep in mind you won't be able to tell when your battery is low nor if your Whoop is in bind mode or not. But you'll be invisible. 






The Sky Blue Ninja Whoop is meant to blend with a summer day's blue sky. It's slightly lighter than the sky itself to also be more discreet on an overcast days and match the sky under the shadow of a veil of clouds. 

The Camo Green Ninja Whoop is meant for blending with dense foliage and shadows. The onboard FX900TW camera combo has excellent low-light performance and will allow you to discreetly cruise after dark in areas with low light. 

This product inudes one

 - Ninja Whoop Tiny Whoop Racer with Awesome Sauce Motors

 - One Tiny Whoop HV 255mah Battery

 - Three options of camera mounts (10°, 20° and 30° with the 10° mount installed)

 - a SICK "Whooping is not a crime" decal sticker

 - one 3.75" Landing pad sticker

aaand of course the other stickers pictured and some candy :)


Remember the Tiny Whoop Power System was built for perfect flight at higher throttle for the entire battery. Don't be surprised if you feel a little jiggle at the high end of a battery for a moment, especially if you're charging to HV.


Never fly Tiny Whoop where it's not allowed! This product is not meant to help anyone do anything illegal. 

For more information about the Tiny Whoop Racer with Special Sauce Motors, check out this page.

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