Tiny Whoop Lightweight Hard Case

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Check out this case!

It's got a durable, droppable plastic shell that zipper-opens with a handy dandy pouch on the top and laser-cut foam on the bottom, allowing you to carry two 65mm (standard-size) Tiny Whoop builds, 14 batteries, and pretty much any other small Whoop components or tools. Here's how I (Jesse) set mine up, cutting a couple of sections of foam to make room for the stuff i wanted to carry:

*Tiny Whoops, Tiny Whoop 255HV packs, Canopies, Props, Camera mounts, Battery Checker, Pigtails and Awesome Sauce motors not included*

This case is almost exactly the same as the BetaFPV case (same price too) but this case does not hold a 75mm build - The BetaFPV version is meant to hold one 65mm build and one 75mm build, whereas this case holds two 65mm builds :)

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