1 Tiny Whoop TW1 Aircraft BNF with extra motor set (Micro JST)

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This is the Bind and Fly version with no transmitter. If you're looking for a great transmitter to get started that is MUCH better than the stock toy transmitter, consider the DXE.

Here it is, Ladies and Gentlemen, the Tiny Whoop TW1 with extra motors! This is the aircraft that has swept the planet. At almost any given moment there is someone somewhere in the world that is experiencing the amazing gift of flight for the first time aboard one of these babies. Some of the stories I've heard throughout the growth of the Tiny Whoop really moved me, man. It's a privilege to share the Tiny Whoop experience with even more peeps around the world by building a bunch and selling them here! Here's my favorite Tiny Whoop flick featuring this aircraft:

So here she is! A ready-to-fly Tiny Whoop with all the upgrades that I prefer to fly. The tiny whoop uses the frame, props, and 3-in-1 control board from the Inductrix. But everything else must change. 

Tiny Whoop Race Edition motors (eight!) - one set installed (break-in recommended) and another spare set for later. Let's face it - brushed motors last a while but eventually need to be replaced to keep the TW1 performance tippy-top. If ya ask me, all brushed quads should come with spare motors. They're super easy to switch out.

FX798T or FX797SC Micro Fpv Pod - direct soldered to the flight controller. 120° FOV 600TVL camera with great low-light performance mounted to a 25mw 5.8GHz video transmitter capable of all 40 channels transmitted on either a right-hand circular polarized antenna mounted on a flexible, crash-resistant mast OR a dipole whip. The circular polarized antenna is more popular because the picture is a bit clearer, but the dipole whip seems to reach a little further. 

Reinforced frame - I personally add the tiniest dab of support to the weakest part of the inductrix frame on your new TW1 - the twelve struts that connects the motor mount to the ducts. This is the most common breaking point on the Inductrix frame, but with this modification the frame lasts longer.






Mylipo 205mah 25C 1S battery - best battery out there for these motors. Flight times vary depending on your flight style and mood at the time of your flight, but most pilots seem to get 2-4 minutes of fun out of a charge on these packs. If you want more batteries, and ya probably will, I have them available and if I'm out, my pal Benedikt probably has some over at the Micro Motor Warehouse. If you're looking for a way to check your batteries, I also sell little battery checkers modified to connect to these batteries. 

10° Tilt Camera Mount - In my opinion the perfect angle for TW1 flight. At this angle I can see down a bit between the ducts to drop thru slots in the foliage of a magnolia tree, but I can still see everything ahed in full-blown fast forward flight. This is the lightest design I've found.

Decals and stickers - I'm sending a few Tiny Whoop stickers and decals with your TW1 - including Tiny Whoop logos that fit neatly on the ducts and two sets of numbers 0-9 so you can chose your racing number and proudly display it (trim and use tweezers to apply). I'll also include some easy stickers. 

What else do ya need?? You still need goggles or a FPV display with receiver and antenna as well as a transmitter. There's a great beginner goggle set with everything you need HERE as well as an excellent transmitter HERE. You'll also need a charger like this smaller version or a larger charger like this one and a parallel board

About the price - I charge 168 bucks for this setup. You could easily buy a kit for $130 and a spare motor set for $20 bucks and build this little quad yourself. It's FUN! But I wanted to provide this option for those who for whatever reason don't want to. 

NOTE: A HAM license is required to operate the Video Transmitter in the U.S.

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