Tiny Whoop Racer - Awesome Sauce Edition

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The Tiny Whoop Racer Awesome Sauce Edition is the premium high-speed brushed micro on the market anywhere. 


This aircraft has all the snappiness, control 1and agility of the Tiny Whoop Racer with Awesome Sauce motors equipped for amazing power - giving you more torque throughout your battery than any other power system. 

It is built with the switchable 25mw-200mw TW965 RHCP Camera, with 1 white canopy and orange eachine props to go along with awesome sauce motors this quad is easy to see. You will also receive an extra set of motors, 2 x HV 255 mAh Battery, and 3 of each camera mount Low and High profile. 

Remember that the TWR is made for high-speed forward-flight, and the power system is tuned around the Stock FPV board for racing. That means that in a hover (especially with HV-charged batteries) there will be some wiggle/oscillations at the beginning of the battery. This is normal, and a worth all the power and control you get at the high end of the throttle. This system also gives much less of a warning when you get to low-voltage-cutoff. I don't use a timer or OSD to watch my voltage and come back home before the battery is dead, instead, I go by feel, and learned to feel when the battery only has a few seconds left. 

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