WPL D12 - RC Kei Truck!

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I LOVE THIS TOY! so i just decided to carry it! To add my little twist on it I decided to make a stickerpack to go with it. It's 1:10 size, so the truck bed is the perfect size to land in with your Whoop! 

Why do i love it? It lets FPV pilots play with non pilots! Just toss your pal the transmitter and let them drive around while you try to land in the truck bed! It's a hoot, and I bet your pal will eventually ask to try on the goggles too :)
I also love putting painters tape on the rear wheels for drift racing, which we've been doing weekly at Tiny Whoop HQ! 

These babies are HIGHLY customizable, being insanely popular RC cars in the last two years. Just google WPL D12 accessory, or type it into etsy or ebay to find all kinds of crazy ways to pyomp your Kei Truck!

Package includes- One Kei truck (either beige or silver, randomly), one battery (lasts a long time), one charger, a few little plastic accessories, and of course the epic sticker pack that i personally designed! 

If i don't have any left in stock, go order it off of Amazon or something :)