Tiny Whoop Rocking Stand

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Have you ever seen those super cool drone rocking stands for 5" and 7"?

Avi Gileadi, the original creator of the Drone Rocking Stand has come out with a new version specifically designed for Tiny Whoops.

"The idea for the rocking stand came into being during Thanksgiving 2020, when COVID cancelled the holiday celebrations. After a frustrating competition at the MultiGP 2020 National Championship – like any good competitor – I wanted a way to cheat the system and get a leg up on the competition. Getting out into clean air at the start of a heat using a mechanically actuated rocking launch block was the obvious choice. Since the drone starts out horizontal before rocking forward for launch, it didn't even break the rules. Three years later, the rocking stand concept remains a fun and competitive way to start a race." - Avi Gileadi

Now you can place you drone on a flat stand and after you arm you quad you can tilt forward to the perfect angle for take off. They are well balanced and hinged with ball bearings making it perfect for any small drone to tilt forward for their perfect launch. Avi also added a ground effect plate by request of Jesse P. This small flat plate under you drone actually helps you to launch faster and harder because you can get a little extra "oomph" from the ground effect!