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Get ready for some real power on a tiny scale.

These 803 brushless motors are very, very fast, meant to push the limits of power on the 65mm frame size. 

      First of all, why use such a fast brushless motor for 65mm builds? The answer is transient response. These motors prouduce about the exact same amount of thrust as the much lighter 802 22,000kv Deuce Juice motors, but they get up to speed much faster. They let you move all that air much more quickly than 802 motors. But they're also harder on batteries! These motors have to be used with a timer, and depending on the setup you may get as little as 90 seconds of flight time, tho with a 333mah HV battery you might expect two full minutes of intense flight. These motors are NOT for everyone, but if you're looking to max out pure raw power on this scale, this is the motor for you.

For years the Tiny Whoop Onesie has been one of the most reliable, durable and efficient motor designs. We chose this design after testing motors made by manufacturers of all micro motor brands. This design completely solves the durability challenges of it's predecessor while remaining very lightweight. It's the reason that the 2023 Whooptopia survey showed it as the most trusted and most flown motor by a landslide, It's the reason we quickly replace any motor that breaks when it shouldn't. 

The Tiny Whoop Onesie has always and will always tell the actual speed of the motor given by the manufacturer. Beware deflated numbers from other brands meant to make their version feel faster.

PCB Solder Pads

Like all Tiny Whoop Onesies, these babies now feature the PCB Solder pad upgrade, which allows for custom wiring colors and easy repairs. To access the PCB pads (where the wires connect to the motor) just peel back the black silicone. I'm proud to brag that our motors were not only the first Unibell motors, but also the first to feature these solderpads. 


Tiny Whoop Pioneered the 802 Motor

802 size Motors are a big deal for 1s 65mm and 75mm Tiny Whoops. The wider, shorter form factor provides tons of prop authority, creating much more yaw control and control when you're pulling out of a dive, flip or roll. They weigh a fraction of a gram more than 603, but it's worth the extra control and power.

Tiny Whoop was the first to discover and release the 802 as a whoop motor.

Tiny Whoop Onsies are not to be confused with Tiny Whoop Onsies.

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