Turbo Racing 1:76 Scale RC Drift Car With Gyro RTR

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The newest micro rc car on the market is this little drift car, with metal wheels made for sweping sideways drifts. Just like all drifting the challenge becomes maintaining control of a slippery vehicle while taking advantage of the car's ability to slip sideways. You can make minor adjustments to the wheel screws under the hood to adjust tightness of turns, or tweak the onboard gyro to assist drifting. 

Here's a little video a friend made to help improve drivers' drift experiences.

Like all these little cars this model will come with two extra car bodies for your painting and customizing pleasure!

Here's what Turbo Racing has to say about the Drift car:


▪1:76 drift car C64, with P21SVC four-way detachable remote control;
▪Accelerator mode is 20%, 50%, 100%;
▪Chassis light/front light/tail light/high-bright brake light/double flashing light; ▪Brake Functions;
▪The remote control has colorful lights (adjustable to breathing light);
▪The remote control comes with a Type-C interface;
▪When the car is fully charged, the battery life is 30 minutes;
▪The car shell is detachable and DIY;
▪1 channel, 3-channel full-scale channel;
▪Support steering fine-tuning function;
▪Support steering and throttle ratio adjustment;
▪Support steering reverse function;
▪Built-in gyroscope, the remote control can adjust the sensitivity of gyroscope

Product name:1:76 Drift RC Car



Driving distance:30m

Driving time:30min

Slope angel:30°

Drive mode:Two-wheel drive

Proportional steering:Proportional steering

Battery parameter:55mAh