Turbo Racing 1:76 Scale RC Mini RTR

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The minicooper 1:76 RC car is the micro RC car that got me into teensy weensy proportional RTC cars. This was the first model to be released with fully proportional steering and throttle, which finally brought respectible control to the 1:76 size RC. It's a little slower than the other 1:76 RC cars, but just like in Tiny Whoop this allows for even more throttle resolution and control. I love cruising this little car around. 
Like all these little cars this model will come with two extra car bodies for your painting and customizing pleasure!
Here's what Turbo Racing has to say about this model:
1: 76 full scale remote control car is an Genuine License mini remote control model car. It not only has excellent 'racing' performance and accurate full scale remote control, but also turbo racing provides a variety of peripheral kits for players to entertain and enjoy the fun of racing!

Product name:1:76 RC Car



Driving distance:30m

Driving time:40min

Slope angel:30°

Drive mode:Two-wheel drive

Proportional steering:Proportional steering

Battery parameter:75mAh