Ludicrous Whoop Kit Options!!

6x17 25000KV motors for the Tiny Whoop are here!!!
AND with that we created the LUDICROUS WHOOP KIT!!!  Tiny Whoop and Micro Motor Warehouse have teamed up to offer you some awesome Ludicrous Whoop options.
If you love flying acro then check out the Micro Motor Warehouse - 6x17 Whoop. This awesome little guy uses the beebrain V1 FC and with the Ludicrous motors it is the most powerful acro setup for Tiny Whoop.
If you love racing, then Tiny Whoop Ludicrous Whoop with the Inductrix FPV FC is the Whoop for you. 
Here's the Acro Kit: Micro Motor Warehouse - 6x17 Whoop
And here's the Angle kit for Racing: Tiny Whoop - Ludicrous Whoop
These ludicrously named motors are the most powerful motors you can find for the Tiny Whoop and with all that power comes some responsibility. At 25000kv these things get really hot! So when flying, please give them time to cool completely between batteries. Failure to do this can result in irreparable damage!