TinyWhoop.com Black Friday!!

What's up Tiny Whoop Community!!! It's time for Black Friday once again!

Below are a bunch of deals I set up! I wanted to provide a few considerable discounts and FREEBIES as is tradition, in spite of having somewhat limited inventory (Still don't have our famous Onesie motors, I'm working on it!).
 :) ENJOY!

Scroll down for DEALS!

We just released 4 different FPV Pint Glasses and for Black Friday they're two bucks off! Check out the original artwork by my friend Say Andrea!


Whoop Headlights are BACK and the white variety are only 3 bucks each for Black Friday! These babies let you see around 6 feet in front of you in total darkness, making late night tree weaving possible. It's an amazing eerie feeling and I want more people to try it! I use two headlights way out on the very front of my ducts so they can't shine on any part of the aircraft and blow out the camera. You're gonna love it guys! Here's a video of team pilot Scott Keatts flying in total darkness using Tiny Whoop Headlights

Once again the Tiny Whoop Micro Heatshrink Kit prices have gone UP due to popular demand. This clutch heatshrink kit is now priced at $4.20

All orders that include the 3.75 inch Tiny Whoop landing pad sticker ($2) will get 3 FREE Batteries! I'm talkin about 3 standard voltage Mylipo 305mah, 255mah or 205mah, totally free! If you have a preference just leave me a note at checkout and I'll hook you up! I always order too many SV packs so this is my early holiday gift to you :)

Cockroach Brushed Frames with LEDs already installed have been reduced for clearence, dropping from 16.99 down to just 8 bucks! These fancy little lights are a pain in the butt to instal, so just grab a frame that has them pre-installed!


EV Peak 4-button chargers are just 25 bucks thru Monday! This quality HV or SV charger can do it all - charging everything from Whoop packs to 6S Packs for your miniquad! I've been using this model for years and it's always been reliable. 

The GEPRC 12A F4 Brushless FC 2s-4s is marked down fom 42.99 to 32.99! I mean that's a killer deal #amiright