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This motor is part of our DANGER ONESIE Collection, and is not recommended. High-KV motors can cause damage to batteries, escs, and themselves. 

702 Tiny Whoop Onesies Have Arrived.

702 is a size of motor that became popular in the spring of 2022. IIn my opinion, it's a unique size because it has extreme advantages and extreme drawbacks. 

The truth is that for all speeds of 702 motors there is a 603 or 802 size motor that can achieve the same thrust with greater efficiency - but the magic of the 702 motor is the effect of dramatically reducing the weight that farthest from the CG of the aircraft. 

When there is so much less weight to push around near the outside of the aircraft, motors do not need to work nearly as hard to change the attitude of the aircraft. It's hard to describe in words how this makes flight feel, but I love it. I can snap into any attitude as fast as I can think it, and I have the urge to just flit around the room, quick and agile. Part of it is ultralight flight in general, but the 702 reduction of outer-edge weight is the secret sauce of the 702 hype. This effect is greatly improved if you're able to get the dry weight of your aircraft real low, like below 18g. 

Introducing Tiny Whoop Onesies!

Tiny Whoop Onesies are the latest evolution in micro brushless motors! This new design was created to maximize durability. I know it sounds pretty cheesy but this new design is truly revolutionary. 

Until now nearly all micro brushless motors were made with the bell in two pieces: the top (which is made of aluminium) and the cylindrical iron sides of the bell, which were both glued and press-fit together. Because this original design was not meant for Tiny Whoop style flight, it was susceptible to pulling apart, rendering the motors largely unusable. I found this happening especially if your aircraft was ‘ground-pounding’ or flying a racecourse that uses a slide or other touch-and-go elements. 

Tiny Whoop Onesies have a single piece of aluminum that encases the entire bell, and in all my extensive tests, I have never been able to separate it as nearly all of its predecessors are susceptible would have. 

This is pretty much the last piece of the puzzle when it comes to the Tiny Whoop Recipe and extreme durability. For a time now we have had access to extremely durable frames, props that seldom break, the best batteries in the world, and reliable flight controllers. Extremely reliable, durable motors are the last piece of the puzzle.

PCB Solder Pads

Like all of our brushless motors, these babies now feature the PCB Solder pad upgrade, which allows for custom wiring and easy repairs. To access the PCB pads (where the wires connect to the motor) just peel back the black silicone. 


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