All You Need To Whoop!! Rtf Tiny Whoop TW1 with Goggles!

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Finally! A package with everything you need to get into Tiny Whoop style FPV! One ready-to-fly Tiny Whoop TW1 with an extra set of 14800kv Tiny Whoop Race Edition motors, upgraded battery, charger, Marvel Vision goggles with an RHCP Antenna, stock transmitter, and lots of stickers and decals, including racing numbers! Finally the newcomer to the fpv hobby can instantly begin mastering the skies with this high-performance aircraft hand-built by Jesse, Jared and Ben at Tiny WHOOP HQ.

      The frame, as always, is hand-reinforced on the 12 most vulnerable points.

      If you already have a spektrum-compatible transmitter use the discount code NOTX to forego the blade transmitter and save 8 bucks!

*Goggles now come with a RHCP antenna, so there is no longer a LHCP spare in the box*

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