BeeBrain V2 Flight Controller

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The BeeBrain V2 is another excellent option for those demanding Betaflight for hardcore acro Tiny Whoop flight. With an F3 Processor you'll feel more accurate control for precise flips and rolls. We carry this board in both DSMX/DSM2 and FrSky compatibility, with integrated receivers. This board uses a PowerWhoop (JST2.0) battery connector for easy connection to the best Tiny Whoop battery in the world, the Tiny Whoop 255mah HV packs

Because I don't use the BeeBrainV2 camera (mainly because it is heavier) I cut off these two unnecessary connectors, which allows all the common camera mounts to attach normally and sheds some unnecessary weight. If you want to use most cameras, you'll just have to carefully snip these connectors off. Alternatively, you can modify your camera mounts to work around these things. Check out these photos:



  • Compatible with Frsky (D8 with hub telemetry)/DSM (2 and X)
  • STM32F303 Processor
  • MPU6500 Gyro/Accelerometer via SPI
  • 4 x 30A Mosfets (Pulsed)
  • Onboard Antenna (Indoor range)
  • Transponder Driver 
  • Battery Monitor
  • 1 x RGB LED (non-programable status light)
  • PowerWhoop pigtail installed



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