Beetle Shell Hypershift Cockroach Frame

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Beetle Shell is the second most dramatic color-changing hypershift paint jobs we have, with only the Dragon Fruit frame shifting through more colors. The Beetle Shell shifts from a rich, deep purple, thru blue to a shiny forest green. Pairs well with the Beetle Shell Razor Skin or the Stingray Skin! Don't Forget the Beetle Shell Props!

Aptly named for its COCKROACH indestructibilities, this frame is light weight and can take a serious beating!  Seriously we tried to break a couple and it didnt go well for us! This is the community favorite frame for standard 6mm motor Tiny Whoop builds. 

It has a tiny nubbin in the bottom of each motor mount that can be trimmed to accommodate the 6x16mm motors like the infamous Awesome Sauce Motors.

This frame doesn't quite fit the carbon fiber stiffener brace we also sell. Luckily there is no need for it.