Bat Mech Skin - Black

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This canopy was voted the most badass drone canopy on the planet in a recent world-wide poll that I just made up. 

Like all our canopies, these are all hand-made and hand painted my by good friend Ed, the canopy master! So far he's made over 13,000 canopies that are now flying around the planet. Each canopy is vacu-formed in his garage, then carefully trimmed off a larger sheet of plastic, then hand-painted. His handiwork is amazing, and he puts tons of love into every single canopy he makes. You'll see what I mean.

These canopies work great with all mounts, like the 10, 20, and 30 degree FX900TW camera mounts.

These canopies were designed to be compatible for the FX805OSD-TW or the FX900TW cameras

Designed by our very own Tiny Whoop Musician, Ben Shepard!