Black Hole Hypershift Props 31mm

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Black Hole is a very subtle hypershift color - mostly black with shines of deep blue and green. Check it out with the Black Hole canopy or the Black Hole Frame!

Hypershift props are the stuff that plastic, paint, and dreams are made of(emphasis on dreams)!! And no picture does them justice.  When flying with these props you see them change colors right on your screen. For example, the video below has small clips of Jesse Flying at Flite Fest East using Beetle shell at 1:23, and Dragon fruit at 2:06.

After Months of testing to make sure that the paint doesn't mess with prop balance and flight characteristics, we are ready to put these beauties on the market!

These are 30.9mm (standard Tiny Whoop size) props that are spray painted by our canopy and paint specialist so you can match or mix them with the Hypershift Canopies and the Hypershift Frames

If you are in love with the Hypershift colors like us, then check out the Hypershift - Whoops!

 These props are made to fit motors with 0.75-0.8mm shafts.