Blurple Dyed Happymodel Bwhoop65 frame Limited Edition

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 Get them while they are hot! This is a very limited run of Bwhoop65 frames dyed Tiny Whoop Blurple.

Looking for the mobula6 HDZero frame replacement? Here it is, coming in at a clean 3g, you can now spec your own hdzero whoop or ultralight analog race quad! This is also the frame that is included in Fractal 65 kit.

Brand name: Happymodel
Item name: Bwhoop65 65mm Frame Kit
Color option: White, Blue, Lemon Green
Wheelbase: 65mm
Weight: 3g
Package Included:
1X Blurple Bwhoop65 65mm Frame Kit
Recommended Parts( package not included):
Flight Controller: Diamond f4