BT2.0 Pigtail - 180° Black Wire

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We bring you the BT2.0 180° pigtail, this black wire pigtail will go great with your next custom build! This unique angle will give you a fantastic ability to shorten your wires to an exact length and save weight. This is a soldered wire for the best conductivity and is a high-quality silicon-coated wire.

This is a reinforced 180° BT2.0 with an added heat-shrink sheath. 


Because the wires on this pigtail are not the usual color-coded wires, please be extra careful to connect the positive to positive pad on your FC and negative to negative pad on your FC. If you get the wires backwards it will likely destroy your hardware and can also be dangerous! This is a high quality pigtail but the user assumes all responsibility if the pigtail is soldered backwards. Use this handy diagram or look at the pigtail you're replacing.



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Please note due to the colour of the wires please make sure you don't mix the + or -wires. 

Batteries for this pigtail:

Tiny Whoop HV 333MAH 1S LIPO BT2.0