Complete Kit - Platinum Edition

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The Platinum Whoop Kit! The highest grade kit we offer. Inside your package you will receive:

  • TWR Tiny Whoop Racer
  • Gimbal Protectors
  • EV Peak Charger
  • Parallel Charging Harness
  • Barrel to Banana Cable
  • 2xHV 205mAh Batteries
  • 2x HV 255mAh Batteries
  • extra set of Special Sauce
  • 3300mAh LiPo Goggle Battery
  • FX Marvel Vision 2 Goggles with BONUS 4GB Micro SD card
  • DX6e Transmitter

We put this kit together with the thought of giving you the highest grade setup we offer for any new pilot! Together with the diversity receiver in the goggles and program-ability of the DX6e, this gear will carry you farther into the hobby than most of the RTF setups you could end up with.

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