TINY WHOOP HV 255mah 1s Lipo BATTERY - POWERWHOOP (PW) Connector type

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The 255mah HIGH VOLTAGE pack is for those that want to sacrifice a little bit of weight for a considerably longer flight time and more PUNCH! I flew these packs as hard as I could with Special Sauce motors and got 3:40 of flight, though when I'm not flying super hard i get near 5 minutes. This makes new flights paths a possibility for the first time. I couldn't be more happy to have these things in my arsenal. I can sometimes feel the weight- but the extra power and flight time makes up for it. 

Weight: 6.7g

Check out the little battery checkers we make to test your tiny whoop batteries! We also offer a 6 port charging board for these guys.

I'm sorry to say we can only ship 2 batteries per order internationally. If you place an international order for more than 2 batteries your order will be canceled and refunded. Sorry guys.

Note to use these Batteries you will need to upgrade your pig tail to a (PW) Power Whoop connector 2.0 JST

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