Custom Redwood Tiny Whoop Case

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This limited edition collectors series is made of Redwood, individually numbered and signed by FPVlightrax’s creator and owner David Moquay.

Each box is individually CNC machined, Laser engraved, hand sanded and lovingly finished by David down in Phoenix, AZ. 

Check out the 4 unique variants:

Oreo: The name Oreo comes from the unique coloration of the lighter redwood when they are cut out the wood grains look's very close to an Oreo cookie. 

Sandwich: The name Sandwich comes from the wood grains in the redwood and is very similar to the Oreo, however, it's slightly darker.

Special Logo: This Special Logo box with the laser engraving David was able to do, achieved next level detail on the lid of this box.

Smooth and Curvy: The Smooth and Curvy box has an amazing texture and separates itself from the other boxes with its ultra smooth and curvy feel and no sharp edges.

These Tiny Wood boxes hold one Tiny Whoop with a horizontal antenna and will hold up to 7 Tiny Whoop HV 205mAh batteries no problem. Unfortunately, these boxes are unable to accommodate our 255mAh batteries without modification

*Tiny Whoop, and batteries not included.