Crazybee F3 1S Brushless Flight Controller, RX and ESC Combo

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Here at Tiny Whoop we have found the Crazybee F3 flight controller is the best board for the gram conscious pilot, this FC is 1.12 grams lighter than the Crazybee f4 Pro Fc and still has the built-in receiver for both DSMX/DSMX2-compatible and Frsky-compatible for your racing and acro needs. 

With less weight, you can easily justify using TW 333mah HV Batteries

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Racerstar Crazybee F3 Flight Controller 4 IN 1 5A 1S Blheli_S ESC Compatible Frsky D8 Receiver or DSMX/DSM2

Crazybee F3 flight controller is a final version for 1S Whoop racing drone, it’s the world first Tiny whoop size brushless flight controller with Receiver/4in1 ESC/OSD/Current Meter all in one design, include all your needs.


**For FrSky Users: Make sure to bind in FrSky_D under configuration and D8 in your radio. You will experience short range and unexpected failsafes otherwise!**
Specifications:  User Manual download
Firmware: Betaflight_3.3.0_Crazybee
Betaflight target: CRAZYBEEF3FR
MCU: STM32F303CCT6 (72MHZ, 256K FLASH)
Sensor: MPU-6000(SPI connection)
Power supply: 1S battery input (DC 3.5-4.35V)
Built-in 5A(each) Blheli_S 4in1 ESC Dshot600 ready
Built-in Frsky receiver with telemetry D8
Built-in Betaflight OSD(SPI Controll)
Built-in Current meter (Max 14A, could be modified to 28A by replace resistor)
Built-in 5V 0.8A BEC with LC filter
Built-in voltage detection
BLHELI_S pass-through Ready
Heading LED Ready

Board size: 29 * 29MM
Board weight: 3.5 g

ESC parameters:
Power supply: 1S LiPo/LiPo HV (4.2v/4.35v)
Current: 5A continuous peak 6A (3 seconds)
Support BLHeliSuite programmable
Factory firmware: O_L_5_REV16_6.HEX
Motor connector: JST PH1.25 3pin
Signal Support: Dshot150/Dshot300/Dshot600/Oneshot125/Multishot/PWM
Receiver parameters: FRSKY
SPI BUS receiver
Compatible Frsky D8
Channels: 8ch
Failsafe support
No ground interference ( Transmitting and receiving 1 m from the ground): 300m

Receiver parameters: DSM2/DSMX
Serial-based Spektrum DSM2/DSMX compatible Satellite receiver
DSM2/DSMX compatible
Channels: 6ch~9ch(according to your transmitter)
Failsafe support
No ground interference ( Transmitting and receiving 1 m from the ground): 300mNote:CrazybeeF3FR Betaflight Target will release at Betaflight V3.3.1

CrazyBee F3 Frsky Betaflight Default DUMP, Download
Program Betaflight3.3.0_CrazyBee_Frsky_ 20180209, Download
Frsky-spi-D16 fixes, Download
How to use External receiver on Crazybee F3 flight controller? Download
Package Included:
1 x Crazybee flight controller ESC receiver