Crimson Scale Skin Canopy

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Beetle shell is the second most dramatic color-changing hypershift color we carry, beind the Dragon Fruit options. It shifts from a deep putple, thru blue to a beautiful green! Looks pretty awesome aboard the Beetle Shell Cockroach with matching props!

The Scale Skin is an experimental canopy with little scales or bumbs down its back and sides. Is it more durable? Jury is out. Is it awesome? ohyeah.

These canopies work great with all mounts, like the 10, 20, and 30 degree FX900TW camera mounts.

These canopies were designed to be compatible for the FX805OSD-TW or the FX900TW cameras

!IMPORTANT! If you're using one of the old black frames, you'll have to modify these canopies or use a little glue. The holes are made to fit perfectly with the cockroach and stock frames. ALSO If your Tiny Whoop is equipped with a modded FX798T camera, this canopy will not fit as both the camera board and VTX are to wide to fit within the skin, in which case the mullet mod is the canopy for you.  

Designed by our very own Tiny Whoop Musician, Ben Shepard!