FX797SC 25mw FPV Pod - Camera, VTX, Dipole Whip Antenna "StingerVision"

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This is another excellent camera option for the Tiny Whoop. This unit is the same as the FX798T with the exception of the antenna. It uses a simple linear-pilarized dipole antenna, which, in my experience has a slightly shorter range but is much more crash resistant. 

The Camera is 600TVL like most larger FPV cameras, but with huge improvements over the VA1100, which has been the standard in micro FPV until recently. The FX cameras perform much better in low light, have clearer colors, and come with a lens that provides a beautiful 120° field of view, letting you see the gate/branch/human face a bit earlier, and giving you more time to line up and execute your flight path. 

The 25mw 5.8GHz video transmitter is capable of changing quickly between 40 channels with a single button. Long press changes the band, short press changes the channel, 1 thru 8.

Please let me (Jesse) know what you think of this product!!