Bat Mech Skin - Dragon Fruit Hypershift

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The Bat Mech Skin was developed for durability and badass-ness. It's definitely slightly more robust than the Stingray or Razor Skin Canopies. The "Bat Ears" create less points of impact. They fit the cockroach as well as the stock frames. 

Like all our canopies, these are all hand-made and hand painted my by good friend Ed, the canopy master! So far he's made over 13,000 canopies that are now flying around the planet. Each canopy is vacu-formed in his garage, then carefully trimmed off a larger sheet of plastic, then hand-painted. His handiwork is amazing, and he puts tons of love into every single canopy he makes. You'll see what I mean.

These canopies work great with all mounts, like the 10, 20, and 30 degree FX900TW camera mounts.

These canopies were designed to be compatible for the FX805OSD-TW or the FX900TW cameras

Designed by our very own Tiny Whoop Musician, Ben Shepard!