Frog Skin Canopies

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If you like amphibians and things that go crock in the... well I guess whenever they feel like it, then you will love these lilypad leaping fly lickers!

These Frog Skin canopies fit the FX900TW and modded FX805 cameras, and each frog has a custom paint jobs making each individually unique!

!!!HOW ORDERING WORKS!!!, choose the species of frog you want (DARK, RED, or GREEN) and one from the category you chose will be selected randomly for you.

If you are the DIY/Creative type, then get the WHITE Frog Skin and customize to your hearts delight!

!!!Take a picture of your Whoop with a Frog Skin Canopy and use #frogwhoop on the Tiny Whoop facebook group and ONE of the first TEN posts gets a custom Ben Shepard Frog Skin Canopy FO FREE!!! 



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