Frog Whoop with Extra Awesome Sauce and Batteries

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Limited Edition Frog Whoops are here!

**Spektrum compatible only!**

Inspired by Wallace's flying frog - an Indonesian species capable of achieving gliding flight between the rain forest trees - this is a high performance Tiny Whoop Racer with Awesome Sauce motors for amazing power and performance. 

These aircraft feature emerald green hypershift-painted frame, props and frog canopy, Awesome Sauce motors, the stock FPV flight controller, fx900tw FPV camera combo and of course a Power Whoop (jst2.0) pigtail. Each Frog Whoop will include an EXTRA set of Awesome Sauce motors as well as two of the best Tiny Whoop batteries in the world - the Tiny Whoop 255HV. AAaaand of course Tiny Whoop stickers- one logo sticker, one emblam sticker, six tiny logo stickers and 2 facepunch target temporary tattoos!

Each frog comes with the whites of the eyes drawn only, in case you want to make your frog crosseyed, looking angry, walleyed, etc. I (Jesse) will happily draw your eyes on the frog if you wish! Just put a note in the notes section at check out and remember that if the order's getting filled late at night while i'm out of the office, it may delay shipping by a day. 

Remember, like other Tiny Whoop racers, this aircraft will have slight oscillations at low throttle at the beginning of a battery, especially if you're charging to high voltage. I built the powersystem to behave like this because of the performance achieved at high throttle thru the span of a battery

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