FX900TW Detached Ultralight Camera, VTX, Antenna (Left, Right or Dipole) and Mount

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Intoducing the FX-900TW Detached Camera Combo! 

I (Jesse Perkins) worked with FXT to design this combo and I couldn't be more proud of it. Using the super-light VTX from the 805 combo and the tiny camera from the 806, this combo is wired together to save you all the trouble of creating your own mullet-modded combo, and is incredibly light. With the included mount designed by Tiny Whoop's Ben Shepard, this combo is easy to install and ready for you to add the Canopy of your choosing. We replaced the cheap plastic-coated wires with silicone, and made them the right length for easy installation and some variations. These combos are available in RHCP, LHCP, and the slightly lighter Dipole version.

For those not familiar with RHCP vs LHCP antennas, the use of different directions on the circular polarized antennas helps pilots with close channels have better video. If you show up with a race with the only LHCP antenna, you are less likely to have interference from those nearby channels using RHCP antennas. The ideal setup for a race, if it had, say, 6 pilots, would be to alternate antennas on the channels from low to high.

If you use the Left Hand version be sure you have a Left Hand receiver antenna on your goggles or groundstation, like the LHCP Triumph available here.

With the pigail trimmed to length the RHCP and LHCP versions weigh 3.4g and the Dipole version weighs just over 3g. About a gram lighter than what most pilots are used to flying, this 1g weight loss increases your aircraft's performance noticeably. I flew the prototype version of this combo in the Alley Cat Coffee Cup Invitational. I now believe that with or without a canopy this camera will become the new standard.

This VTX is 37 channels and cannot transmit at e4, e7, and e8.


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