FX805 25mw FPV Pod with Free Upgraded Camera Mount

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This tiny FPV pod is the heart of the Tiny Whoop. The new smaller form factor and lighter weight  When the wires are shortened and the camera is decased, it weighs in at only 3.5 grams.

This smaller FPV combo was created for the Tiny Whoop but mistakes were obviously made. The stock camera case and mount that is included makes things very easy but adds way too much weight - over one gram. That's why Tiny Whoop's Ben Shepard got to work designing another camera mount that shaves off around a half of a gram and holds this new smaller camera perfectly. Every FX805 I sell will include this camera mount upgrade for free!

The camera is 600TVL like most larger FPV cameras. In terms of performance it is the same as the amazing FX798T, but it is considerably smaller and lighter. It still has the same excellent low-light performance, and the same wonderful wide 120° field of view. 

The 25mw 5.8GHz video transmitter is capable of changing quickly between 40 channels with a single button. 

Finally the right-hand circular polarized antenna or dipole antenna is mounted on a flexible mast, reducing damage to the antenna considerably in the case of the inevitable crash. If you're looking to fly with friends, I highly recommend the circular polarized version of this camera. If you want the most durability, chose the dipole antenna.

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