FXT DVR First Analogue 60fps DVR 720*576, WiFi Realtime, Support Android & IOS System

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FX brings you the next evolution in DVR recording and interface. The DVR that can record in HD 720X576 or 720X480 HD video. Can record in HD at 60 FPS, has a nifty power off memory function so you will save that once in a lifetime footage. 

The DVR can use an app for both iOS and Android phone systems. The app is simple and easy to use, real-time view of pictures and video playback through the mobile app, and easily share on the web once downloaded.  

Please Note:

1. Make sure connect video input first, then power on DVR
2. Confirm PAL/NTSC setup for the camera first, then power on DVR
3. From DVR power-off to repower on, 10-seconds-waiting is a must-have



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