Ghost Pearl Hypershift Tiny Whoop Racer BNF - Awesome Sauce Edition

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This is the infamous Tiny Whoop Racer with Awesome Sauce motors (hand built here in Loveland, Colorado at TWHQ) totally blinged out with hand-painted canopy, props and frame by our pal Ed, the Tiny Whoop canopy master!! Because no photo can do these artistic hypershift paint-jobs justice, I made a short video to show off 4 of our hypershift colors:

Ghost Pearl is a very subtle but beautiful color shift - with light flecks of rainbow colors on a pearly background.

 These are bonafide Tiny Whoop Racers - with Awesome Sauce MotorsFX900TW Camera (RHCP), Hypershift Cockroach Frame and PW (jst2.0) pigtail

Here's what you'll get:

 - One Hypershift Tiny Whoop Racer with Awesome Sauce Motors

 - One extra set of Awesome Sauce Motors

 - One Tiny Whoop 255mah High Voltage Battery - best Tiny Whoop battery on the planet!

 - Three additional camera mounts  - 10°, 20°, and 30°.

 - One 3.75" Tiny Whoop landing pad sticker

 - Lots of other stickers and some candy!

If you don't already have a way to charge your batteries here are some options- the EV-PEAK C1-XR or the 1s HV or SV Charger!

The paint job adds a very small amount of weight - about 0.45g total. 


 Remember that the TWR is made for high-speed forward-flight, and the power system is tuned around the Stock FPV board for racing. That means that in a hover (especially with HV-charged batteries) there will be some wiggle/oscillations at the beginning of the battery. This is normal, and a worth all the power and control you get at the high end of the throttle. This system also gives much less of a warning when you get to low-voltage-cutoff. I don't use a timer or OSD to watch my voltage and come back home before the battery is dead, instead I go by feel, and learned to feel when the battery only has a few seconds left.