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I (Jesse) was lucky enough to be one of the first pilots to test Clearview receivers a few years ago with the rest of Team BIG WHOOP. We were all immediately surprised and amazed by the performance of this receiver! I've found it really works its magic in indoor environments, especially if the walls are concrete or metal. Sure, Clearview has always been expensive, but this module is magical. I've used Clearview for lots of the videos on the Tiny Whoop YouTube channel and it's given me an edge at lots of races. 

The CVG (Clearview Goggles Module) has absolutely all the performance of their legendary ground station and even does a few very impressive new tricks! – All in an insanely small, easy to install goggle receiver that requires little or no modification to your existing FatShark™ goggles. Installation does not require goggle disassembly.

These are the latest version direct from the factory. They are the new "Universal" module which is compatible with all Fat Shark goggles, including the HDOs. Simply move the red jumper to the proper placement for your goggle type and you're good to go! Instructions are included.


ClearView: There Is No Substitute

  • Legendary ClearView Digitally Enhanced Performance
  • Easy, OSD Band-Centric Tuning with 12 stock bands and 4 custom + Low-Band
  • Quick Access to 4 favorite bands
  • Change channels using your goggle buttons. No need to access the menu
  • Instant OSD channel indicator with each goggle button press
  • Easy OSD menu access and navigation
  • Uniquely clever, high-performance Quad Finder App
  • Configurable receiver OSD on live video – a ClearView exclusive
  • Hyperspeed Spectrum Analyzer App with selected band channel markers
  • OSD Quick Info Screen allows checking all important data in an instant
  • 2 user defined profiles (What the heck is a “user profile?” See videos below)
  • Auto video format switching or manually selected NTSC / PAL
  • Balanced input power and active cooling prevent goggle hot-spots and overheating
  • Dual intensity LED power pilot
  • Future Proof. The software field updatable with an internet connected Windows PC
  • Finally – a goggle receiver with proper side-by-side antennas! (Yay)!

Quick Start Guide is available here.


  • Virtually Eliminates These Nasty Problems: Glitches, Dropouts, Rolling, Horizontal Tearing, Jaggies, Noise Bands, and most other aberrations.
  • Intruding Signal Rejection: Ignores most intruding signals so only yours is synced to your display
  • Ultimate Sensitivity: Better than -103dBm
  • Added Latency: 0 


  • 1x ClearView Goggle Receiver Module
  • 1x ClearView Goggle Programming Cable (Future Proof)

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